Green Squirrels, Baby Carrots and Other Extremely Important Matters


The Squirrels

The name Rooted was the product of a lengthy discussion between founders of the company on a car ride back from Wendy’s Country Market one sunny Friday morning. The company was initially going to be called Green Squirrels, but it was decided that it should absolutely not be called that because… well frankly squirrels are dirty and (in Kingston) dangerous. Also no one likes them much and they are generally just not that chill.

So we got to thinking about the goals of the company: to help students become more ‘rooted’ in the greater Kingston community; and to keep people’s diets rooted in the resources of the area in which they live.

As three Commerce students, we were first to admit that, although we all cared about sustainability and food security, none of us really had extensive knowledge about running a local food distribution business. That’s where Wendy comes in. Wendy, proud owner of Wendy’s Country Market, is our supplier and mentor. Long discussions about the future of food and farming have been had in her beautiful and authentic farmhouse-turned-market. Her incredible work ethic and profound knowledge have truly inspired and motivated us to do whatever it takes to see Rooted succeed.

The Carrots

Did you know that baby carrots are power-washed in a chlorine solution?

Pretty whack.

I have probably eaten >100,000 of those little unusually shaped things in my life, but I certainly won’t be eating them again. Food security is a massive problem all over the world. Because every type of food is now readily available at all times of the year, people have given up on understanding the origins of what they eat for the convenience of eating strawberries when it’s -30 degrees outside. But not knowing where your food comes from is like having the entire history of your country be a complete mystery. To quote a short film on farming...

“We have reached a point where we take corn and we break it down into all these tiny parts and then add things in and then recombine them into these other things and then make this cracker out of it. How did we get here? Why can’t we just eat some corn?”

Rooted’s mission is to reconnect our generation with the food that we consume everyday. Not only is it substantially healthier, but you will taste the difference. Additionally, grocery purchase through Rooted Foods dramatically reduces your carbon footprint thanks to lower transportation time and sustainable farming operations. You can also rest easy knowing that the chicken you ate was not raised in a box.

Rooted aims to connect students to the community in which they live. Our suppliers are interesting, passionate people with stories to tell about their work and who take pride in the food they are producing for you. We provide background information on all of our products so that you can know exactly where your food comes from.


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  • Graham Stirling-Moffet